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Vectaire & BPEC (2019-Jan-16)

The Vectaire BPEC Approved Domestic Ventilation Installer Course is taught by our in house ventilation experts. The Courses are held in association with Air Quality Services and take place over two days at Air Vent Technology Ltd in Andover. The Courses include enhanced information on noise reduction, working examples for calculating ventilation rates and background ventilator sizing, as well as information about ductwork insulation, condensate drainage and true specific fan power (SFP) measurements.

Low Energy Leaflet (2019-Jan-16)

A new leaflet is available detailing Vectaire's complete range of Low Energy and/or SAP Q Eligible products. The range comprises WHHR Midi Plus, WHHR Maxi, WHHR125DC-Aera, WHHR100/90DC-B Plus, WHHR100/90DC, WHHR Mini DC, MBOX125/2DC-B Elegance, Elix and E-Smile

Improved SFP Ratings (2019-Jan-16)

Vectaire has improved the SFP rating on the WHHR100/90DC-B Plus and the MBOX125/2DC-B. They have been retested by BRE and the results published.

The WHHR100/90DC-B Plus is a whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery, for installation in homes and offices. Its DC motor gives high efficiency, low energy usage and recovers 92% of heat from extracted, polluted air. It is for loft, roof void, or cupboard installation.

The MBOX125/2DC-B is an efficient, low energy solution to condensation and pollution, providing low level continuous ventilation. It is for loft or roof void installation and requires only one discharge grille. Also available with rectangular spigot - MBOX125/2DC204-B.

Both units are continuous running with choice of trickle and boost speeds with low noise levels and running costs. They are compliant with Parts L and F of the Building Regulations.

Recruitment (2019-Jan-16)

Area Sales Manager posts for people with experience in HVAC are available throughout Great Britain. A generous remuneration package is offered. If you are interested, please email your CV to

Fans to Smile About (2019-Jan-16)

The new E-Smile fans from Vectaire are high performance, low energy fans for all domestic wet-rooms. They have been designed to bring a little fun - not to say efficient, energy saving ventilation - into the home. These unique, compact and eco-friendly fans are, because of their technologically innovative design, powerful enough to be fitted into medium lengths of 100mm dia ducting. They are splashproof to IPX4, and are available in standard, comfortimer, humidity control, PIR and continuous running. The latter, the ES1003, is SAP Appendix Q Listed. E-Smile fans bring quiet, comfortable ventilation to the home - and all of this with a care for the environment by being constructed from high quality materials and components all of which can be recycled or reused.

LuxVent Plus (2019-Jan-16)

The LuxVent Plus the latest extractor fan in Vectaire's range. It is a centrifugal shower fan pack with light, complete with a choice of white or chrome bezel. The 12volt light fitting ensures perfect safety in Zone I areas, and the the powerful in-line fan is designed to duct steam and stale air effectively and efficiently over a longer length of ducting. The Lux-Vent Plus is available with or without over-run timer, and the kit contains everything required for an easy installation.

Air Handling Units (2019-Jan-16)

Vectaire has just published its comprehensive Air Handling Units catalogue giving details of the complete range, from a relatively small direct drive model (BAHU) to enormous custom built models incorporating heat recovery units (where required) and catering for air volumes of up to 20 metres cubed per second.

NEW FANS (2019-Jan-16)

Vectaire has now launched its "Microbox" range of two speed fans, designed to meet the parameters of apartment ventilation.

The new models will be smaller in size than any of those currently available making it easier than ever to install in the restricted space of a ceiling void.

They provide a balanced extract system, giving continuous, energy efficient, quiet ventilation in several rooms simultaneously. Each of the three models has a choice of four capacities for the lower (continuous running) speed. This feature allows precise adjustment on installation to ensure that the speed chosen meets all the regulations. Boosting to the higher speed can be controlled manually, or can be triggered by humidistat, air quality sensor, thermostat or PIR sensor. All models incorporate an overrun timer. A range of three models ensures there is a fan suitable for properly ventilating up to 1,000 cubic metres.

The "ASPlus" range are slim profiled axial fans with near centrifugal fan power. They can be ducted up to 6 metres, and are available in standard or timered versions with white or chrome finishes. The fans have an improved performance/power ratio allowing them to extract powerfully but quietly. They can easily be installed in walls or ceilings and are IPX4 rated for safe installation in Zones I and II. One fan for all bathrooms and shower-rooms.

NEW COOKER HOODS (2019-Jan-16)

Vectaire is pleased to introduce the Isla Gamma and the Isla PV to its existing range of Island Canopies. Both these models are available in 90cm widths and have elegant glass hoods with stainless steel chimneys. Additionally a 70cm width model (K700SS) has been added to the Model K range, and a 60cm width (GAM600GL) model has been added to the Gamma range.

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